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How can I purchase a gift certificate for your shows?

Thanks for "giving the gift of BROADWAY!" Simply call us at (918) 796-0220, Monday - Friday, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm and we will be glad to take your order and send the certificate to you by mail in time for you to give that gift!

How can I get season tickets?

Our 23-24 Broadway season has just been announced. Current season tickets holders receive the first right to renew their same seats and then the chance to improve them. This process can take several weeks.  By summertime, season tickets are normally available for purchase.  To receive information about season tickets and all the shows in our lineup, register your e-mail address on our website at www.celebrityattractions.com. Just look for the word REGISTER at the top of the page.

Are the shows you present affiliated Broadway in NYC?

Yes. Many of the tours we present are directly from Broadway while others are produced by producers with Broadway credentials.

If I want to audition for one of your shows, what do I do?

We present national Broadway tours. So first we must inform you that the casting is almost always conducted in NYC and some cases Los Angeles. Resources like Backstage.com and Playbill.com will provide listings of upcoming auditions for national tours. Go check those out and let us know when you will be starring in a show coming through our cities!

What should I wear?

Your comfort is our utmost concern. Some theatre-goers use these nights as a chance to dress up while some prefer not to. Expect to see people clad in dressy attire ranging from formal to semi-formal; others come directly from work and arrive at the theatre in business casual, casual or find that they are most comfortable in jeans. Rest assured, you will see a little of everything.

When should I arrive?

Always aim for arriving at least thirty minutes before the show begins. The theatre doors will open 60 minutes prior to curtain and the hall doors will open thirty minutes prior to the start of the show. You may browse the merchandise and enjoy concessions in the lobby until the doors to the hall opens. If you are late, every show has a hold policy; latecomers are seated according to the guidelines of the production. Some shows hold latecomers as long as twenty minutes after the curtain goes up. This is not intended to be cruel to the latecomer, it is to respect the attention of those patrons who arrived early or on time. As they try to focus on the beginning (and crucial) part of the show, latecomers could distract their attention.

Does my child need a ticket if he/she sits on my lap?

Yes. The ticket policy states "every person must have a ticket regardless of age." This is a very common policy for performing arts theatres all over the country. Some venues, such as arenas or outdoor amphitheaters, will sometimes allow children under the age of two to sit on the lap of the accompanying adult. This is mostly due to the seating capacity of their facilities. Also, it is common courtesy not to talk or make noise at performing arts events, unlike arenas where there is talking, yelling, clapping and people constantly on the move.

Is the program content suitable for all ages?

Most performances are suitable for the entire family. However, some programs may contain adult themes. We prefer parents or guardians to decide if a show is appropriate for his or her child, as every child is different. If you have questions about program content, please contact our office at (918) 477-7469.

Can I use electronic devices?

The use of recording devices and/or cameras is strictly prohibited inside the theatre. We ask that you turn off all pagers, cell phones and watch alarms before entering the theatre. During the production, text messaging is strictly prohibited and intrusive to the neighbors around you. The only spotlight should be on the stage, not the bright blue or green glow coming from the palm of your hand!

Is there any specific theatre etiquette expected?

Not only are cell phones and pagers a distraction during a performance, please keep in mind that talking, whispering and unwrapping candy is disruptive. No matter how slowly you try to unwrap candy or a bag of chips, the auditorium is designed to allow the quietest whisper to travel to all 2,000+ ears in the audience. Your noise will be heard by a large crowd. Please, take care of your hunger needs outside the auditorium or before the show begins.

Can I get a discount if I bring a group to the theatre?

Yes. The official definition of a group will vary; however, a traditional theatre group consists of 10 or more individuals attending the same performance in the same section. Please note that some shows do not allow a discount on certain performance dates/times and some shows simply may not allow discounts.

How can I coordinate a group?

We ask that you contact our Group Sales Coordinator at (918) 796-0220 to coordinate your group. However, a good rule of thumb is that a group has one leader in charge of requesting seats, collecting payment and disbursing tickets.

Are there group materials available to entice my friends and colleagues to join in the fun?

YES! For many shows we have group videos available. Some shows also provide us with a study guide, and we can supplement those materials with press releases, fact sheets and more.

Other than a discount, what is the benefit to assembling a group?

IF you assemble your group BEFORE the public on-sale, you will have advance access to reserved seating. What this means is we place seats for your group before tickets go on sale to the public. Convince your crew that this is much easier than standing in line, waiting on hold or refreshing your web browser when ticket sales are congested.

Where can I park?

The Robinson Center offers self-parking in the Robinson Parking Garage, attached to the center. The entrance to the parking garage is located at Markham and Spring Street and off of LaHarpe Boulevard on the north side of the Robinson Center/DoubleTree Hotel complex. Additional street parking and surface lots are located in various areas south and west of the facility.

Do you have accommodations for persons with disabilities?

All Performing Arts Center facilities are accessible to persons with disabiities. Please ask  about wheelchair accessible seating, ASL performances and audio-described performances when purchasing your tickets. Assisted Listening Devices (Infrared ALD) are available at most performances. The unities are provided free of charge upon request at teh Robinson Center Reception Desk, located on the Street Level. Simple exchange your driver's license (or state-issued ID) for the unit upon arrival, and return after the performance to reclaim your ID.

Are there security or bag policies for the venue that I need to know of in advance of arrival?

Walk-through magnetometers are now mandatory for every ticketed, live performance event at Robinson Center. Only bring necessary items and arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the show or event. The MAXIMUM BAG SIZE allowed for Robinson Center is  9" x 11". Backpacks and large purses are prohibited. An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection. Diaper bags (no larger than 14" x14" x 2") will be permitted when necessary to care for small children. Expectant mothers and those with pacemakers will be screened with handheld devices. For a full list of banned items, please visit RobinsonCenter.com.

I only want to see a specific show in the season, when can I get tickets?

After season ticket holders and groups, all remaining seats are available to purchase through our website or by calling the ticket office.  This is usually only 4-6 weeks prior to the show.  For shows that run longer than one week, they may be on sale months in advance.  As always, to receive information for on-sale dates, register your e-mail address on our website at www.celebrityattractions.com. Just look for the word REGISTER at the top of the page.

I need to speak with someone at the box office, where can I call?

The Robinson Center Box Office is open Monday – Friday from 9am-4pm for in person sales and phone sales at 501-244-8800. In addition, the Box Office opens 60 minutes prior to each performance.

I am a student.  Will student rush tickets be available?

Most shows do make student rush pricing available to high school and college students with a student id card.  The decision to offer student rush is typically decided just a few short weeks prior to the show opening.  To receive information on whether student rush will be available, register your e-mail address on our website at www.celebrityattractions.com. Just look for the word BUY TICKETS at the top of the page and then choose student rush.

How can I be assured I am purchasing legitimate tickets?

We implore you to avoid purchasing tickets from any source other than the official ticket office. Scalpers and ticket brokers have caused many patrons in the past to pay for tickets that are counterfeit, resulting in a "double seating" when two patrons with tickets to the same seat arrive at the event. The patron with the legitimate ticket will be granted admission. The venue can make no concession to grant admission to patrons with illegitimate or counterfeit tickets. Also beware when purchasing tickets from websites not associated with Celebrity Attractions, Panhandle Tickets, Select-A-Seat, MyTicketOffice, Ticketmaster or other partners. Always check the ticket price against the price listed on the Celebrity Attractions website. Never pay more than what is posted on the Celebrity Attractions official ticket price listing.

Do you offer discounts for groups?

Please click the Group FAQ tab for more details.