Can I get a discount if I bring a group to the theatre?

Yes. The official definition of a group will vary; however, a traditional theatre group consists of 20 or more individuals attending the same performance in the same section. Please note that some shows do not allow a discount on certain performance dates/times and some shows simply may not allow discounts.

How can I coordinate a group?

We ask that you contact our Group Sales Coordinator at (800) 869-1451 ext. 220 to coordinate your group. However, a good rule of thumb is that a group has one leader in charge of requesting seats, collecting payment and disbursing tickets.

Are there group materials available to entice my friends and colleagues to join in the fun?

YES! For many shows we have group videos available. Some shows also provide us with a study guide, and we can supplement those materials with press releases, fact sheets and more.

Other than a discount, what is the benefit to assembling a group?

IF you assemble your group BEFORE the public on-sale, you will have advance access to reserved seating. What this means is simply we place your group's seats before tickets go on sale to the public. Convince your crew that this is much easier than standing in line, waiting on hold or refreshing your web browser when ticket sales are congested.